Corporate Travel Services
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Corporate travel refers to travel arrangements made for business purposes, such as attending meetings, conferences, or trade shows. Bangalore Tours and Travels, A corporate travel agency specializes in organizing and managing business travel arrangements for companies and organizations. We often offer services such as booking flights, hotels, and rental cars, as well as creating itineraries and handling any necessary visas or travel documents. We also offer additional services such as travel insurance and assistance with travel expenses and expense reports. Choosing Bangalore Tours and Travels as your corporate travel agency can help businesses save time and money by managing all aspects of their business travel needs.

Why Bangalore Tours and Travels  is the best choice for your business

Are you looking for a more frisky business travel solution? One that understands your needs and works seamlessly? Then Bangalore Tours and Travels is the answer. We offer an all-in-one platform that lets corporate travel managers focus on creating a great corporate travel experience, not on time-consuming admin. We save you money, time and empower your travelers to book with confidence, while staying within company policy.

 Our corporate division exclusively servicing corporate gravel services in Bangalore. We have 20 people spread across 2 offices in Bangalore who will cater to any travel requirement service your company may have. Our services include Domestic and International Air Ticketing, Visa & Passport assistance, Travel Insurance, Forex services, Worldwide Hotel Reservations, Car Rentals & Bus reservations.

 Much more than a traditional corporate travel agency

When choosing a travel agency for corporate travel, it is important to consider the following choice to go for Bangalore Tours and Travels over a traditional travel consultant is easy:

  • Experience: Look for a travel agency that has experience in handling corporate travel and understands the needs and preferences of business travelers.
  • Flexibility: Choose a travel agency that is flexible and able to accommodate any last-minute changes or cancellations that may arise.
  • Cost-effective: Look for a travel agency that can offer competitive rates and discounts on flights, hotels, and car rentals to save your company money.
  • Convenience: Consider a travel agency that offers online booking and a mobile app to make it easy for employees to book and manage their travel arrangements.
  • Personalized service: Look for a travel agency that provides personalized service and is able to tailor travel arrangements to meet the specific needs of your company and its employees.
  • Our expert customer support team is available 24/7, with an average response time of just 15 minutes – yes you read that right. We guarantee that you will always be served by humans, not bots.
  • Our travel managers use their expertise to save you money on travel spend and set simple-to-follow travel policies.
  • Select from our industry-leading inventory of executive accommodation and lock in the best corporate rates. Our platform offers a seamless booking, reporting and managing experience.
  • Bangalore Tours Travels is your one stop travel management solution. Get real-time travel information and safety updates to keep your travelers safe.

What is the difference between Corporate Travel service and Tour Operator?

Corporate travel services and tour operators are both companies that provide travel-related services, but they serve different types of customers and offer different types of services.

Corporate travel services are companies that specialize in arranging travel for businesses and corporate clients. They handle things like booking flights, hotels, and rental cars for employees who are traveling for work. Corporate travel services often have relationships with airlines, hotels, and other travel providers that allow them to get discounts and negotiate better rates for their clients. They may also offer additional services such as visa processing and travel insurance.

Tour operators, on the other hand, are companies that specialize in creating and organizing tours and vacations for individual travelers or small groups. Tour operators create itineraries, book transportation and accommodations, and often provide a tour guide to lead the group. Tour operators may offer a wide range of travel options, from adventure tours to cultural tours to luxury vacations.

In summary, corporate travel services are focused on business travel, while tour operators focus on leisure travel and vacation packages.